Welcome to the Basin Street Centre

The Basin Street Centre provides the highest quality Counselling and Psychotherapy service for the community of Naas and surrounding areas in North Kildare.

Fiona Masterson officially opened the doors in 2008 on her private practice (Naas Counselling and Psychotherapy) and since then the Basin Street Centre has grown and transitioned into a Group Practice, still led by and achieving the exceptional standard set by Fiona 13 years ago.

The Basin Street Centre proudly works together as a group of highly qualified and experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists across a broad range of therapy modalities offering the highest level of psychological and counselling support through:

If you are considering Counselling & Psychotherapy for yourself or someone you know, do get in contact with us.  We can help you take the next positive step…

Phone: 045 888850 / 087 9674955


The Counsellors, Psychotherapists & Psychologists at The Basin Street Centre practice independently on their own behalf. Any therapeutic contract that exists is one between the therapist and his or her client(s), and The Basin Street Centre is not party to any such contracts.

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