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Phd, MSc PG Dip RPN, ICP

Advanced Nurse Practitioner / Psychotherapist at St Patricks MHS & Assistant Professor TCD

Colman is a child and adolescent psychoanalyst and mental health nurse. Colman has over 19 years of national and international experience. His special interest areas are mental health and technology and eating disorders. Colman is the author of Cop On a best selling parenting book which deals with parenting in a technological age.

Colman has completed major pieces of academic work on 'a psychoanalytical interpretation of the Harry Potter literary series'. He has researched the impact of social media on adolescent development for his doctoral thesis.

Colman is a part time Assistant Professor in TCD and lectures on the MSc in Child Adolescent and Family Mental Health. He has been published and presented at international conferences many times in the area of child and adolescent mental health.

Colman has recently begun a podcast series, Asking For a Parent. Colman discusses parenting in a series of interviews that captures the realities of parenting, especially in our current climate.

Follow the link to listen, you will also find details of how to send in questions you may have about parenting issues.