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Integrative Psychotherapist (MIAHIP) & Creative Arts Psychotherapist (MIACAT)

In the words of Rumi, “Out beyond ideas of right & wrong doing, there is a field, a singing field, I’ll meet you there, I’ll meet you there…”


Lisa began working professionally in Social Care in 1996 and as a Therapist in 2002. She completed a HND in Social Care (1997), a BSc Hons Degree in Psychology (2001)  and a Masters in Dramatherapy (2006).  Post Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness-based Approaches & 3rd wave clinical interventions (2017). Post graduate Certificate in Biosynthesis Neuro-Somatic Trauma Psychotherapy (2019).

Lisa is a fully accredited Integrative Psychotherapist (MIAHIP) & Creative Arts Psychotherapist (MIACAT). She is committed to Ethical Practice & participates in ongoing continued professional & personal development. She is also a Mindfulness Teacher who trained with the Centre for Mindfulness Massachusetts (2015).

Lisa has experience working with children & adults with a diverse range of presenting concerns & personal histories. She has worked in a Women’s Refuge (5yrs), a Psychiatric Hospital (for Sessional Work), a Family Centre (9 years) a Youth Counselling Service (9 years & presently) & in a Playback Theatre Company that offered its Healing art form of audience story sharing & Actors playing them back within many contexts, including Mental Health Organisations, Corporate & business forums (over a span of 8 years).

Lisa’s therapeutic approach

With sensitivity to people’s readiness and one's individual needs, embodiment practices inform and guide the work offered. The skills Lisa brings invite opportunity for personal and relational healing. Lisa helps facilitate people to realise and develop their personal resources, self awareness, understanding of circumstance and integration of self and experience.

In addition to listening, talking and facilitating presence to your body’s responses. Lisa can provide an opportunity to explore ideas and feelings using creative based activities like dance & movement, sounding, art making etc. (No prior experience is required). The benefits of working creatively are well documented and can present bridges to new developmental pathways in ourselves and with each other or more simply, help us develop spontaneity, imagination & creativity in recognising ourselves, others and coping with life’s challenges.

Lisa is available to see adults here in Basin St. Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre.