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At The Basin Street Centre we work with individuals, couples and groups of all ages.

Our Counselling and Psychotherapy provisions include:

Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy for Adults

with Fiona Masterson, Eveline Hainsworth, Katherine Liston, Eileen O’Connor, Fiona Murphy and Cecilia Saviotti , Lisa Markham Sharkey.

Counselling and psychotherapy usually involves 50 minute sessions at the same time and day each week. This provides structure and containment for the process.

In our practice each therapist works in a slightly different way depending on their modality of training. However at all times the therapy involves both client and therapist working together to understand the issues presented in a safe, trusting and confidential manner. More information on the different types of counselling /psychotherapy is on the next page.

Mindfulness Groups
with Evelyn Hainsworth

Mindfulness Meditation is about the practice of focusing on your breath or your senses and developing the habit of bring your attention back to this focus (which brings you back to the present) when your mind wanders (minds are not great at staying in one place very long!). This is practiced from a perspective of not judging how you are doing and cultivating an openness to what unfolds.

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy for Adolescents 

with Cecilia Saviotti , Alia Gomezand and Colman Noctor.

Both psychodynamic and attachment theory consider adolescence as the developmental phase of separation/individuation and an opportunity to further develop a sense of others and our place in the world. Holding this in mind, when working with clients under 18, the client’s individual needs are considered with the parents and as such parents are included in the therapeutic process. This may involve 10 minutes feedback at the end of each session or phone calls at agreed intervals. The content of feedback is always discussed and agreed with clients. Work with adolescents under the age of 18 includes awareness of the different levels of confidentiality that apply and the ethical and statutory guidelines around risk and reporting of such. The Children’s First Act and guidelines lay out the appropriate procedures and protocols.

Group Analytic Psychotherapy

Group analytic psychotherapy is a form of therapy for adults that offers therapeutic treatment of all the group members, by the group and for the group. This form of psychotherapy has been established in Ireland for the past 30 years.

The group members process the different levels of relating, in the unconscious, in the here and now and within external relationships.

We discover through exploration, reflection and dialogue a better sense of ourselves, our identity, and a sense of belonging.

The therapeutic work in the group brings together a live, here and now experience that includes the backdrop of our familial and personal history.

The therapists role is as conductor of the group. One of the ways the conductor supports the groups' work is through reflections and observations of the group process.